Profile Article: Sandra Frame

Notorious R-E-D

Sandra Frame is a Los Angeles based animator, storyboard artist, professional illustrator and all round butt kicker, better known to some by her roller derby persona, Tara Armov. Flame-haired and proud of it, this larger-than-life self professed ‘loud mouth’ considers ‘confidence without arrogance’ to be sexy, and carries herself accordingly.

Currently working on a new prime time animated series Bob’s Burgers for FOX, Frame has previously worked on Warner Bros’ Pinky and the Brain, Scooby Doo, and Nickelodeon’s Back at the Barnyard. Frame is also an active member of the animators collective Girls Drawing Girls ( and if given a Sharpie and half the chance, will draw a ‘Tara Tatt’ on any exposed expanse of skin.

Originally from Sacramento, Frame moved to ‘Los Strangeles’ in 1990 to study Character Animation at Cal Arts. Her illustrations betray a keen sense of color, dynamic line work and a stylistic bent towards female characters that embody a refined confidence and raw power. ‘Tara Tatts’ are Frame’s notorious (within the world of roller derby) guerilla skin art; colorful depictions of stylized snarling superhero women flying towards their audience skate or fist first, which she produces in marker pens straight onto the bodies of skaters and fans, usually at their request.

Frame was on hand for Girls Drawing Girls at Comic Con 2010, and says “people sometimes get freaked out by ladies drawing pin ups”, noting that some viewers expected the GDG interpretation of the female form to be “radically different to a man’s”. Frame neither justifies nor apologises for her take on sexual politics and credits the portrayed confidence in her illustrated women to the strength of character she has developed playing roller derby, citing pride in participating in a sport that celebrates the full spectrum of womanhood.

To create the poster art for the LADD bout on 9/11 between the LA Riettes and Tucson’s Iron Curtain ( Frame distilled down the essence of a photo of fellow skater Lace N. Arsenic, taken by derby photographer Stalkerazzi into a black and white character drawing which evolved into the finished, full color artwork.

When quizzed about the future Frame talks about stepping away from animation into full time illustrating and finding avenues for her unique roller derby inspired artwork.

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Photo by Stalkerazzi

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