There’s no cure for this sickness

And no rest for these bones

There will be no end to this screaming

And no way to ever get home

Ignored all of the warnings

And all of the best advice

Didn’t read the back of the packet

Till after I’d swallowed the mice

There’s no sleep for the wicked

And no salve for these burns

No cupboard for you to crawl up in

Nobody you know ever learns

Didn’t hear the end of the story

Or listen to the moral of the tale

Just skipped to the bit in middle

About the boy swallowed whole by a whale

Nobody is calling the hospital

No one can remember your name

No place is set at the table

No one joining in with the game

Walked out of the house with the stove on

Jammed a knife in the slot for the bread

Stuck my tongue to the end of a battery

And poured petrol all over the bed