Long Time Gone

I have been gone for the longest of long times. This mission has seen me travelling to unforseen lands and across hitherto unimaginable oceans. I hold fast to the deteriorating memories of you, your slightly yellowing and curled paper pictures, but I am afraid that despite my best efforts to preserve you in aspic, my recollections are inexorably unfurling. Faces are appearing without mouths intact, eyes are transposed to another’s gaze. My mind is selecting, editing and reforming you into fleshy constructions with multiple heads and other perverse and eccentric anomalies. My process of ageing is a process of elimination.

On my travels I have been fortunate to descry an array of peculiarities and curiosities. There are new marvels each day, unique horrors and fresh anthropological revelations to captivate and astound me. Daily I witness the Miracle of Us, how we agitatedly dart to and fro, flashing like minnows, individual shots of liquid silver unaware of the cyclonic enormity of the shoal. We are all going Somewhere. In this way our cities are by in large the same; concreted beaches awash with a frenzy of shipwrecks and left overs democratically swept over by the tide. With shoulders hunched up and unruly grey feathers ruffled we are free to roam and pick over the side ways remains of the day.