Set Sail Tonight

let’s set sail tonight across this filthy concrete sea, sprawl out our ragged sails on rotten masts

that moon is squinting out its sallow sickle of ill begotten light, pick-pocketed from a sun that up and left

so its just you and me, forsaken, forgotten and too far gone


here come the drums

one hundred thousand begrimed and bitten hands beating out of time and out of sorts

stamping out their rhythm with my snapped and broken bones

there’s a hole in your pocket and a hole in your chest and

you are leaking your colours while you sway so gently by the side of the road

set sail tonight, set sail tonight

make me the promises that you cant keep, sell me shiny things that don’t belong to you

carve an X to mark this spot and spare no tears of sympathy

just take a teaspoon of this and a teaspoon of that, and let it all swirl out into the water

coax the slippery little ribbons that wrap around and around and around –

if all I can speak is poison

and all you can hear are lies

we can dance in spite of our sawn off limbs

and step to the beat of the grit and the blood

side step, cross step, pull, pull each other apart