When You Said

When you said

with your hand curling around my hand

That you might go

That there might not be any encores

No overtime, no extended season

When you said that

They said

Your chances were not good

When I stared at you

Staring at me

your voice a little shaky

your smile a little shaky

your hands a little shaky

When I did not breathe

When the world stopped spinning

and there was Nothing

but the tiny bubble around both our heads

When I looked at where

a Boy-Shaped hole in my Universe

might soon be

When you said

with your hand more tightly around my hand

That you were going to fight it

That you were out of tears

No sympathy, no long goodbyes

When I couldn’t face it

Made some stupid joke

Tried to act so tough

for both of us

When I said No

and made you have to patiently

Explain it all Again

Try to help me Understand


like you would a little child

Go on now love, I’m right behind you

Don’t turn around

Just keep on going, up ahead