Review: Hyperbole: Origins, [Inside] Ford Theatre, Nov 2010

Did that really just happen?

Hyperbole: Origins, [Inside] the Ford

[Inside] the Ford hosts Rogue Artists Ensemble as they present Hyperbole: Origins, a kaleidescopic look at the origin of just about everything. Physical theatre, puppetry and interpretive dance jostle for dominance amongst clever props, video projections, bleeping machines and a soundtrack featuring Animal Collective, Deerhoof and The Ditty Bops.

Ducis, the operator of the Origin Machine is touring the globe with prodigal son Stan, educating audiences about their origins and asking big questions about truth, fact and faith. Supporting the duo on stage is a multitalented crew who inhabit and operate the host of extra characters encountered as Hyperbole sets out to explore origin stories, science and mythology.

Despite being a labor of love that gestated for over three years, Hyperbole retains the freshness of workshop based, spontaneous theatre games and the kind of zany ingenuity born of raiding the cupboards to turn brooms into wings and rubber bands into musical instruments. The end result is highly chaotic, endearing and entertaining.

This show will appeal to art students and those willing to leave reality and conceptions of theatre at the door. This is less a production about watching a narrative develop and achieve a resolution than it is about experiencing something at times highly bizarre and surreal, that makes you turn to the person next to you (and mostly with your raised eyebrows) question if ‘that’ really did just happen.

Hyperbole: Origins was developed in collaboration with the University of California and received funding from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. Rogue Artists Ensemble are part of the Winter Season Partnership at the Ford Theatre, funded by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. The partnership provides support, subsidized rental and publicity, and has allowed RAE to put on a risky, absurdist and fantastic spectacle.

Visit for more information on Hyperbole:Origins

Performances run Thursdays to Sundays from November 6 to December 12
[Inside] the Ford, 2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East, Hollywood
(323) 461 3673 or
Tickets $20/12 with student ID
Parking is free

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