Review: Saw Blood Drive Posters

This may sting a little…

Every year Horror shows its beating heart when the team behind the Saw franchise encourages fans to open their veins for a good cause. By compelling viewers to submit to the needle for the annual Saw Blood Drive, Lionsgate claims over 119,452 pints of blood have been collected since 2004.

Lionsgate Co-President of Theatrical Marketing and photographer Tim Palen creates many of the images behind the studio’s award winning and iconic posters, including the Saw series. Posters for Blood Drives III, IV and V were striking yet restrained images, featuring nurses who may not have our collective health in mind. Last year’s poster for the Saw VI Blood Drive was even more fetishistic; presenting a nurse in a latex face mask wearing a corset made by The Blonds, covered in blood filled syringes.

Palen’s refined, gothic aesthetic is further enhanced by uncluttered layout and a restrained color palette. While the Blood Drive is an excellent PR exercise, it is also a rarity in the horror genre. With the release of Saw VII (rebranded as Saw 3D) around the corner and a series of arresting film posters already circulating, fans are excited to see how Palen will top last year’s Saw Blood Drive poster.

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